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Law Offices of

Tobie B. Waxman

Specializing in Family Law &

Medical Malpractice 

400 Corporate Pointe, Suite 300

Culver City, California  90230

(310) 410-9902  /phone 

(888) 411-9036  /fax

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Providing first-class, cost effective and personalized counsel to a wide range of clients since 1993


No one should ever have to face the difficult process of divorce or any family law related legal matter without a supportive and compassionate family law attorney or divorce lawyer by their side. Many law firms and lawyers promise to get results, only to treat the client as "just another case number." The Law Offices of Tobie B. Waxman will not treat you with such indifference. I provide each of my clients with attentive, one-on-one counsel and representation from start to finish. Reasonable and competitive hourly rates. One-on-one, personal attention to every client and on every case.  Handling all family law matters from Prenuptial Agreements, to divorce, child custody issues, trials and appeals.


More than 29 years of litigation experience.

Medical Malpractice cases present complex legal, scientific and medical issues.  I am committed to representing individuals who have become the victim of some form of negligence at the hands of medical professionals. I will fight hard to see that my clients receive the compensation they need to live full and happy lives after their injury or compensation for the loss of a loved one as a result of medical negligence.  In addition to proving that a health care provider acted negligently, it is also necessary to prove that such negligence caused harm.   The majority of cases require an experienced medical malpractice attorney and at least 1 qualified medical expert to relate the health care provider’s negligence to an actual harm to the patient. Only an experienced medical malpractice attorney can assist you in evaluating whether or not you have a case and can then assist you in identifying the proper responsible parties.   Any such evaluation provided by my law firm is at no cost to you.




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Owner/Solo Practitioner
Licensed to practice law in the State of California since 1993
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Tel: 310-410-9902


Law Offices of

Tobie B. Waxman


400 Corporate Pointe, Suite 300  Culver City, CA 90230

Tel:  310-410-9902


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